Mississippi Prepares for Runoff Elections

If you've watched TV in the past few weeks, chances are you haven't been able to escape the flood of ads from Mississippi's republican candidates for the U.S. Senate. And the battle between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel isn't over yet. Election results in this race were narrow, and now officials are preparing for round two with a runoff election.

"Everyone is predicting that the republican party will retake the Senate, so whoever our nominee is will face Travis Childers in the primary, and it's going to be important to try to keep this seat in the republican column," republican party chairman Tyler Norman says. "We think that that's going to happen, but we just have a few more weeks until we figure out who our nominee is going to be."

The republicans aren't the only one with a runoff. Doug Magee and Dennis Quinn will go head to head in a runoff for the Democratic nomination in Mississippi's 3rd Congressional District.

"The biggest effect is that we have to come out here and do another eleciton, but it also could throw somethings our way, and we'll see how it comes with the final results," democratic party chairman John Flowers says.

The runoff is three weeks away, but Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says it will take just as much work as the primaries to set up. A little over 22 percent of voters in Lauderdale County showed up to the polls on Tuesday, but election officials aren't sure what to expect for this runoff.

The circuit clerk says runoffs like this one generally don't bring in as many voters as primaries do, but since this is such a hotly-contested race, she expects a decent turnout.

"I think with this one especially with the publicity that's been going on, even nationwide, I think we'll have an extraordinary turnout for a runoff," circuit clerk Donna Jill Johnson says. "We might break a record for the turnout."