Mississippi Senate Race Extended Three Weeks

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Jackson, Miss.
The campaigns of U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran and state Sen. Chris McDaniel are set for round 2, a June 24 runoff.

And both candidates are already talking about wanting to claim that victory.

“We anticipate they’re going to respond and we’re going to win this thing,” said McDaniel.

“If it means a runoff we’ll compete,” Cochran said. "I think we're going to work as hard as we can to win the election.”

Cochran was once again accompanied by Cong. Gregg Harper. It has been a common sight at his campaign stops up to this point. He says he is energized and prepared to keep fighting.

"Getting around and meeting voters and asking for their support in this election. It’s a very important election," said Cochran. "It’s important to our state and to our national United States Senate lawmakers too."

Cochran did not speak publicly to his supporters on election night but McDaniel did so, both before and after the polls closed.

He, too, is looking ahead to runoff strategies.

"I’m an employee of the people of the state," said McDaniel. "We’re going to get out there and shake as many hands as we can and get to know as many Mississippians as we can."

McDaniel says his supporters don’t plan on slowing down. He says they are offering a new alternative and once again spoke of fighting alongside senators like Ted Cruz if elected.

"We’re very confident. We know our people have momentum," McDaniel said. "The conservatives of this state are ready for change. They know that Washington, D.C., is broken. There’s only one way to change that. That’s to send new people to Washington, D.C."

McDaniel made campaign stops on the coast Wednesday.