Mississippi Tax Free Weekend

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Meridian, Miss. Beginning at 12:01 Friday morning, most clothing across Mississippi will have a 7% discount on it thanks to the state's annual Sales Tax Holiday. This includes all individual articles of clothing under $100 not meant for recreational use, and is timed to coincide with back to school shopping. The Liberty Shop is just one local retailer gearing up for what they hope is one of their biggest weekends of the year, and they've done some extra planning to make sure they're ready.

Mary Allison Saul with The Liberty Shop says, "We try to have more personnel. We also have back-stock that we keep in the back, we try to bring it all out so that everyone can be assisted and there's enough merchandise. It's probably our biggest weekend that we have with the school uniforms."

Along with the sales tax deduction, stores are adding their own discounts in hopes of bringing out even more customers. These deals are similar to what you see during the holidays and are especially focused on school uniforms.

"We've got our $99 package where you can get up to 5 polos and 4 bottoms, so that's great for a whole week of school. They last, they're great uniforms, and we're also going to be open extra hours."

One shopper, Mary Harper, looks forward to this weekend every year because she can get more for her money, and encourages everyone else to do the same.

"I'm going to take advantage of the sales for the school year to get some school clothes and really anything I can find on sale. As long as it's tax free, I'm getting whatever I can."

The tax holiday only includes clothing and ends Saturday night at Midnight. The cities of Heidelberg, Enterprise, and Crenshaw are not participating.