Mississippi, W. Virginia Have Highest Adult Obesity Rate

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A new report by two public health groups shows Mississippi and West Virginia have the highest adult obesity rates in the nation. Alabama ranks 8th.

A new study by the Trust for America's health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, found that both Mississippi and West Virginia had an alarming 35.1 percent of adults who are obese. It's becoming an epidemic in the United States and one doctor says it's due in large part to our choices.

"We're doing it on purpose," Hall Chiropractic and Wellness Dr. Jack Hall said. "It's the foods that we're eating, the combinations of foods, the amounts, coupled with the lack or lesser amounts of exercise. It's an overweight problem, but once it gains momentum then it becomes so enormous."

Hall says becoming overweight itself is a problem, but several underlying problems can also result from being obese.

"Obesity is going to be related to every problem," Hall said. "Everything from heart disease, cancer, circulatory diseases, kidney diseases, liver problems, ever single health problem you can have."

Hall says there is no right diet when it comes to losing that unwanted weight. He tells me the mistake people actually make is stopping their diet when they reach a set goal.

"You have to do a program to lose weight and then you have to change the way you live," Hall said. "There's no such thing as a fat vaccine. if you gain a lot of weight, change what you eat, lose it, and then go back to eating the same thing you ate to gain the weight, you're going to gain right back."

According to Hall, it requires a commitment to a lifestyle change to fix obesity.