Mistrial in Hattiesburg Mayoral Election Dispute

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Hattiesburg, Miss.

A mistrial was declared in a lawsuit contesting the results of the June 4 Hattiesburg mayor's election, and Johnny DuPree remains the city's top executive.

When the jury first returned a verdict, only eight jurors could find for Dave Ware, while four backed DuPree's case.

Judge William F. Coleman then ordered the jury Tuesday to continue deliberating, saying the community needed a final answer to the election.

The Hattiesburg American reported after more deliberation jurors returned a verdict a 9-3 vote in Ware's favor but when Coleman polled the panel twice, only eight agreed in open court.

Coleman then polled the jurors in private and the same 8-4 verdict was reached.

DuPree's attorneys moved for a mistrial, which the judge granted.