Mitchell Reflects on Davis Murder Trial

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi Earlier this week, a jury on the Gulf Coast convicted the man accused of murdering a local utility worker last summer. Keith Allen Davis will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing EMEPA worker Nathan Baker.

District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell says this is definitely one of the bigger cases he has handled in recent years. It is also one that not only impacted people in Clarke County, but in other areas too.

"I guess you could say touched by what happened in this case," Mitchell says. "It was just such a tragedy for everybody around here."

Mitchell tells Newscenter 11 that's one of the reasons the trial had to be moved to Gulfport. Also, the fact that it would be tough to pick a jury that didn't already have a preconceived notion about the case. Mitchell says the case went quickly because the evidence was strong and there weren't a lot of witnesses to call to the stand.

"The defendant had given a confession to law enforcement," Mitchell explains. "He took the stand in this case and rebutted his confession and said the confession was not true. So, we weren't expecting that. But you know, we were able to head that off."

Once testimony ended, Mitchell says it only took the jury 90 minutes to deliberate. He also says it is ironic that the verdict was handed down exactly one year after Nathan Baker was murdered.

"And I hope it gave closure to the family," Mitchell adds. "One of his children, his stepson, it was his birthday the day his dad died. And it was his birthday the day the verdict came in."

Davis' wife, Jo Ann Davis, is charged with accessory after the fact in the murder of Nathan Baker. Mitchell says her trail is set to begin on July 31st in Clarke County.