Mixed Reaction to Grand Jury Report

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Meridian, Miss. There is mixed reaction to a grand jury report calling for the Lauderdale County Courthouse to be 'bulldozed'.

Back in February, we showed you mold inside some of the air units in the building. Mold can also be spotted on the walls and ceilings.

Now, the grand jury report cites water damage to the walls and ceilings, as well as cramped office spaces.

Several courthouse employees told us off-camera they would like to see the building bulldozed, but not tax collector, Stanley Shannon.

"I disagree with the term 'bulldozed', said Shannon. "I think a facelift would help it. I think if we took in the fourth floor, remodeled it, it would have an elevator running to the fourth floor. It would have a staircase running to the fourth floor."

A portion of the bond issue recently passed by the Lauderdale County supervisors will go towards upgrades to the courthouse.