Mock Trial Sends Anti-Bullying Message

Livingston, Ala.

A mock 'fairy tale trial' in Livingston was used as a teaching tool for children in Sumter County.

Third graders participated in the trial of The Three Little Pigs vs. The Big Bad Wolf.

The 4th annual event helps children learn about court procedure but also the effects of bullying.

"I think not only they're getting to know how the judicial system operates, but they also get to see firsthand the effects of bullying,' said Crystal Crawford, program coordinator. "Bullying can be a punishable crime and some children do not realize that."

"We do this project for them to learn accountability not to bully," said District Judge Tammy Montgomery. "The results that can happen to the person who bullies and result that can happened to the child that is bullying."

To make it even more fun, students compete in a costume contest and receive gifts for participating.