Monday Night Bailey Fatal Accident

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"The vehicle was way engulfed up in flames that there was no way anybody could have gotten anyone out."

That was the scene Kenneth Wilson came upon when he heard large a large boom across the street from his house while he was cooking dinner. He wheeled out onto his lawn and many other drivers that passed the accident right after it happened stop to see if they could help too.

As the Ford F-150 left the roadway it ran through a ditch, hitting some trees, separating the cab from the bed before coming to a resting place on the side of the road and bursting into flames.

"It was a pretty tragic deal, a real tragic deal. There was no way anybody could have survived. I believe as soon as the truck hit the tree, it engulfed in flames."

Bailey Fire Department was dispatched to the scene, and the blaze was so intense it burned trees from the base of their trunks, all the way to the top.

"Oh it took a while before they got the fire out."

Lauderdale County Coroner Clayton Cobler received a call shortly after the accident occurred and says the body was burned was so bad that positive identification will have to be made through the victim's dental records.

"There was one occupant. We have not made positive identification yet. The body has gone to Jackson for autopsy."

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate exactly what caused the accident.