Money Found: Livingston, Ala.

Officials with the Livingston Police Department have been dealing with something that is unusual for them. For the past two weekends some lost money has been turned in there.

"We had money found on the 9th," says Chief Roger Tolliver. "It was found in the downtown area. It was found on or near a sidewalk. We also had money that was found in the north end of the town at a business in the parking lot."

At this time authorities are not revealing the amount of money that was lost. Also, Chief Tolliver says there's no indication that any of the money has ties to criminal activity.

In an effort to return the money to its rightful owners, Chief Tolliver is asking the individuals who lost it to contact his office.

"They can tell us the amount of the money, where or near where they may have lost it at. They can give us how it was lost, whether it was in 10's, 20's, 50's or 100's," says Tolliver.

For future reference, Chief Tolliver is issuing a message to the community at large, and that message is, 'if you find some money you should turn it in to authorities because you could end up facing charges if you don't!'

"There is a charge of theft of property," says Chief Tolliver. "So, if you find money we would like for you to turn it in, and hopefully, we can get it returned to the rightful owner."

As for the money that was found over the past two weekends in Livingston, if no one claims it within thirty days of it being turned in to authorities, that money will be given to the people who gave it to the police.

To contact the Livingston Police Department call (205) 652-9525.