Motorcycle Driver Injured in Interstate Accident

Lauderdale County, Miss. A motorcycle accident on Interstate 20 had traffic backed up outside of Meridian on Saturday afternoon.

The Highway Patrol says the wreck happened shortly after 3:00 near the Lost Gap exit. A car and motorcycle were traveling west when they encountered some road work. The driver of the car was in front of the motorcycle and says she was trying to get into the left lane to avoid traffic barrels. Other witnesses say that left the motorcycle behind her with nowhere to go but the back of her car.

"We were coming up to the construction zone," according to Mike Loriaux, a witness from Sulfur Springs, Texas. "There was a car in the left lane and I was in the left lane. A little tan car was coming up to the barrels, and she hit her brakes and there was no place for the bike to go."

The motorcycle rear-ended the woman's car. The driver was sent to Rush Hospital with minor injuries.