Multiple Pipes Burst at Lauderdale County Ag Center

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Lauderdale County, Miss. Several nights of arctic air resulted in several broken pipes at the Lauderdale County Ag Center on Thursday.

The water is now flowing through the RV hydrants there after five of the pipes burst due to the overnight lows we've been experiencing in recent days. Two bathroom pipes also burst as a result of the deep freeze, something we don't see often in the deep south.

"No, this is northern cold," Ag Center Assistant Director Scott Stokes says. "This is not southern cold and we're not adapt to these temperatures."

A crack could easily be spotted in a galvanized steel elbow, a component of the RV hydrants. Experts tell us it takes temperatures down in the single digits in order to crack something of this nature.

"Very common right now," according to Nick Brown with the Service Company. "Just about everybody in Meridian's got busted, some sort of busted lines."

Plumbers tell Newscenter 11 it's not exactly complicated to repair this type of problem. It's just messy and that's another reason why plumbers say they are staying extra busy right now.

"You're just going to have to get dirty," Brown points out. "If you don't want to get dirty, call us."

Generally speaking, experts say it is impossible to prevent broken pipes in conditions like this, even when proper precautions are taken, especially in open air facilities like the Ag Center. Plumbers are hopeful we're through the worst of it.

"Whenever it gets freezing, just make sure you have some water running," Brown advises.

Repairs are now complete and no damage was caused.