Murder Suspects Make Initial Court Appearances

Meridian, Miss. Three suspects in a Meridian murder case made their first appearances in court Wednesday morning.

23-year-old Jasper Hill, Billy Barrett, 21, and Terikay Rackley, 21, are charged with murder in connection with the death of Christopher Gregory. The 27-year-old from Meridian who had been living most recently in Atlanta was found dead inside an abandoned mobile home in Meridian Feb. 13.

The bond for each suspect was originally set at $1.5 million.

Investigators testified Wednesday that autopsy results show Gregory was shot 14 times, with one shot to the head.

Referring to a statement investigators say Rackley gave during initial questioning, the victim was actually killed on Jan. 23, 2014. His body wasn't discovered until police received an anonymous phone call Feb. 13. Officers say Rackley told them Hill and Barrett were the gunmen.

Although disturbed by the loss of her grandson, after court the Gregory's grandmother told us that Wednesday's proceeding was helpful.

"I'm very satisfied with the turnout," said Quanita Thomas. "I'm glad that we're getting some answers because we didn't know anything until today of how he died, and what happened. So, I'm happy that we got some answers."

The purpose for Wednesday's hearing was for the judge to determine whether there was enough evidence for the suspects' cases to be presented to a grand jury. At the conclusion of the more than two-hour hearing, the judge decided that there was.

He then ruled that bond for Hill would remain at $1.5 million. Bond was reduced to $750,000 for Barrett and $600,000 for Rackley.

"I'm not satisfied," said Gregory's father, Anthony Gregory. "I think all of the bonds should've stayed the same because all three of them were not convicted, but charged with the same crime."

Leaving court, Hill proclaimed his innocence.

"I didn't do it," said Hill.

The next grand jury convenes Mar. 25. However, at this time it's unknown if the three suspects' cases will be ready to be presented.

Christopher Lee Gregory