Murder Victim's Family Speak About Arrests

Christopher Gregory's father says having the three believed to be responsible for his son's death behind bars is a small comfort. But their arrests are not enough.

"Justice was served, but it's not over," Anthony Gregory says. "They still have to go to trial. I'm not claiming victory right now until sentencing."

And the question still lingering in the family's mind is "why?" Billy Ray Barrett, Jasper Hill and Terikay Rackley are all facing murder charges. Chris's family members say they did not know either of the men, but his grandmother tells me she did know the woman, Terikay Rackley, was Chris's friend. Chris had even brought Rackley inside his grandmother's home.

"She came and visited me with my grandson, and he introduced me as his friend, and to find out she had something to do with it, that tore me apart for a couple of days," Juanita Thomas says.

But despite their belief that the three murdered Chris, His grandmother says she doesn't want any harm to come to them.

"I wouldn't lock them up," she says. "Because that's not what I want, but that's the law, and we have to live by laws."

But while Chris's father says he forgives the individuals, he disagrees on what their punishment should be.

"My heart is different," Gregory says. "I think they should all three of them, should be put in jail for the rest of their lives."

His family says though it is challenging to keep going on, they're doing their best because it's what Chris would want, as they await a conviction.

"I'm praying for each and every one of them that God have mercy on their soul for what they did," Thomas says.