Murder Victim's Mother Pleads for Public's Help

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Meridian, Miss. "I just looked at him, and I got numb, and I just couldn't believe it."

That was Ella Cole's reaction on the morning of August 15th when she found out her son, Nathan Cole, had been found dead in his room. Police believe Nathan died during the early morning hours, and that a gun was involved. Cole says that her son never wronged anyone, and can't imagine why someone did this.

"He'd always help people, and he would give you anything, even if it was his last. If he had an argument with somebody he would forget about it and just carry on the conversation. He wasn't the violent type. He didn't go for the drama."

While Meridian Police can only say that the investigation is continuing, Cole says they've been very helpful during her time of need.

"Whenever I hear something, I go let them know and they do the follow-up on it. They're doing their job, and I really appreciate everything they're doing. They're absolutely trying to get the person who took my son's life."

But with very little evidence to go on, the police can only do so much, so now she's turning to the public, and asking for their help in closing this case.

"I'm suffering everyday. I'm crying every morning. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't think, and that's frustrating, but I figure if I can get the person that did this to my child, it would make me deal with my pain better and I could come to grip with it."

Cole is asking for help because she says you never know when you'll need someone's help.

"I'm pleading, I'm begging the public, please go tell the truth. Tell them who did it. I know somebody knows it."