Murder Victim's Mother Speaks on Son's Death

A Meridian man accused of murdering another man earlier this year had his first appearance before a judge this morning. Brian Antuan Brezzy Brown is charged with murder in the March death of 22-year-old Terrell Barfield. It happened at Frank Berry Courts. It's the second shooting he has been charged with recently. And today, family members of the victim reacted to his arrest.

Just one day after being charged with murder, Brian brown was taken in for his initial appearance, and over 20 of the victim's family members were waiting. One of which was victim Terrell Barfield's mother. She says she doesn't know how her son knew Brian Brown, but she does believe this murder was premeditated. She says her son was called over to Frank Berry so Brown could kill him.

"I just understand that it was a setup," Barfield's mother Lasandra Brown says. "They called my baby out there and they just killed him. Killed him and left him in the streets like a dog."

Barfield's mother says she believes two others were involved in her son's murder, although she understands that brown is the one who actually shot him.

But since the preliminary hearing was waived, all the family can do right now is wait. Barfield's mother says she knows that Brown is guilty of this crime, and thinks he deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law.

"I would like to see him go to jail," she says. "You took my baby's life. I don't think a life should be taken for a life, but I don't think you should be out here on the streets in the free world and my son can't be out here on the streets in the free world. Whatever altercation they had, they could have solved it a different way."

Meridian police are still investigating whether any others were involved in this murder. They say they were able to solve this case and many other recent ones thanks to tips from the community.

"People are starting to report it more," Det. Dareall Thompson says. "They're helping us do our job also, by people calling in tips and the community helping."