Music, Games, Art, and Food Make Up Collinsville Day

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Collinsville, Miss. Current and former Collinsville residents gathered Saturday to celebrate the Town of Collinsville and all it has to offer.

Saturday marked the 26th annual Lively Arts Festival in Collinsville, better known as Collinsville Day. There were 35 different booths on hand and over 350 fried chicken plates were sold. There was also music, games, climbing walls, guest speakers, and much more.

"The music is usually a combination of blue grass, gospel," Faye Houston says. "Had a rock band from the young boys and this is our annual fundraiser that we make money to do our projects for the Collinsville Community Club."

The festival takes place in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, near the four-way stop in Collinsville.