Myles Credits Boy and Girls Club for Upbringing

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The spotlight may have been on Grammy nominee Kim Hill at the Temple Theater on Friday night, but she was not the only talented performer on that stage.

Meridian artist William Myles and his choir were the opening act on Friday. Myles is the head of Young People of Praise, a group that began as a community based outreach program sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club. Myles says the Boys and Girls club made him what he is today.

"A lot of times, we go through life and try and find who we need to be, and finding our nitch," he explains. "But Boys and Girls Club allowed me to explore, to be creative, to be who I was. And in the midst of that, William Myles was born, William Myles blossomed, William Myles developed. And I am what I am today because of what I've experienced at the Boys and Girls Club."

Of course, Friday night's concert featuring Mississippi native Kim Hill benefited the Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi.