NAACP Salutes Civil Rights Women

The Meridian/Lauderdale County NAACP will be honoring local women who were instrumental in the civil rights movement at its annual Obie Clark Freedom Fund Banquet and Mother of the Year Contest April 28.

Five women in particular are being recognized for their contributions, Polly Heidelberg, Rowena Jennings, Lou Ella Whitlock, Kreses Holloway, and Myra Baskin.

NAACP secretary and co-chair for the banquet, Melba Clark, says the legacy these women created should be passed on to other generations.

"And then we want them to remember some of the people who worked in the past to make things possible, for the gains that we have achieved," said Clark. "These gains did not come easily. People worked hard, made sacrifices to make them available. And these ladies were just some of the people that helped."

Clark also said there is a need for the NAACP in this day because injustices still exist. She stressed that all are welcome to join the organization.

The banquet is Apr. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Council of Organizations. Tickets are $25 each. They may be purchased from Clark, Robert Markham, John C. Harris, or Mother of the year contestants, Alcenia Chaster, Annie K. Patton, or Ruthie Roland. Call 601-485-8882 for ticket information.