NAS Deals with Pipeline Spill

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A jet fuel spill at NAS Meridian caused concerns off the base. The spill was discovered late Thursday. A leaky pipeline was to blame.

Officials say hundreds of gallons of the fuel spilled into a local creek. It has been contained, but they're still sizing up what problems it caused.

"I got the call of a leak at the Navy base. The fire department and environmental folks from the Navy base were already deploying booms in Ponta Creek here on base. The facts are there was very minute traces of anything that got into Ponta Creek period," said David Sharp, director of Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency.

"As recently as 10:00 this morning there was not even any oil sheen reported on Ponta Creek," said Capt. Charles Moore. "Great communication, great coordination and a rapid response which has helped mitigate any potential damage that this spill might have caused."

Officials say they are watching Ponta Creek just in case.
No one was injured because of the spill.