NWS Discusses Warning System

Jackson, Miss.

Meteorologists and emergency managers from across Mississippi met Wednesday with the National Weather Service.

The topic of discussion was the recent outbreak of tornadoes Apr. 28 and a new way of wording warnings to better indicate the threat level of storms.

The consensus was that the new warning method is a success.

"We have certain language we use if we have a tornado that rises to the level of an EF4 or 5, EF4 like what we had in Louisville, that we can put out a tornado emergency. We can put out wording indicating what the impacts would be," said warning coordinator Steve Wilkinson. "What we are trying to do, and we never want to take a tornado warning likely, but with the ones that are really serious with something on the ground, we want people to know and take immediate action to protect their lives."

Our own weather team was present to let Jackson know how it helped during our weather coverage.