Nanih Waiya Day Events Announced

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Choctaw, Miss. Dozens of members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians gathered at the amphitheater Thursday morning to hear about what they can expect for one of their most important days of the year: Nanih Waiya Day. Nanih Waiya Day helps to increase the awareness of the Choctaw heritage, and celebrates the return of the of the sacred site to the Choctaws from the state of Mississippi in 2008.

Tribal Chief Phyliss J. Anderson says, "Nanih Waiya is our Mother Mound for the Choctaw people, and it's a mound that we have cherished for centuries. That is our Mother Mound and we are just so excited to have this holiday where we celebrate on the second Friday of each August."

Nanih Waiya Day is jam packed with several different events, ranging from history lessons, to ceremonies, to even sports.

"We're going to have people come to the Mound, and we're going to place a wreath that is representative of all the Choctaw communities. We're going to have a walk dance around the Mound, and then tradition foods. Later on that afternoon, we will have an All Star stickball game."

Anderson, along with the rest of the tribe, is thrilled to have this site back, and she says that it is the most sacred place in their culture.

"It is the birthplace of our people. The mound is our Mother Mound, so we celebrate our heritage and our culture. It's a way of tribal members gathering to celebrate something that is so meaningful to us."

Below is a list of activities and the roster for stickball:

Schedule of Events
10:00 a.m. Celebration at the Nanih Waiya Mound
* Honor Ceremony (laying of the wreath)
* Storytelling
* Walk Dance Around the Mound - all those in attendance
* Traditional Choctaw Meal for lunch
6:00-10:00 p.m. Inaugural All-Star Stickball Games (Warrior Stadium)
6:00 p.m. Opening Ceremonies
7:00 p.m. Women’s All-Star Game
Fichik Malatoh Ohoyo vs Fichik Cito Ohoyo
8:00 p.m. Winner’s Championship & MVP Trophy Presentation
8:30 p.m. Men’s All-Star Game
Fichik Malatoh vs Fichik Cito
10:00 p.m. Winner’s Championship & MVP Trophy Presentation

Fichik Cito Ohoyo
Coaches: Dale Phillips Jr., Head
Elijah Ben, Assistant
Bronson Bell, Assistant
1. Alex, Diana - Bihhi Ayasha
2. Anderson, Kendra B. - Tali Ohoyo
3. Anderson, Laka - Tali Ohoyo
4. Bacon, Ahinah - Bihhi Ayasha
5. Bacon, Clyme - Lady Beaver Dam
6. Billy, Mandy - Tucker
7. Chickaway, Asha - Lady Warriors
8. Chickaway, Jenna - Lady Beaver Dam
9. Chickaway, Shondria - Tali Ohoyo
10. Clemmons, Kesha - Nanih Waiya Ohoyo
11. Dixon, Shelvie - Lady War Eagles
12. Edwards, Angel - Tiak Hikiya
13. Farmer, Durnene - Tali Ohoyo
14. Farve, Brandi - Bihhi Ayasha
15. Frazier, Beth - Lady War Eagles
16. Hickman, Cami - Bok Cito Ohoyo
17. Jim, Samihah - Bihhi Ayasha
18. King, Lequita - Tali Ohoyo
19. McClelland, Davita - Bok Cito Ohoyo
20. McMillan, Curry - Bihhi Ayasha
21. Mingo, Kerah - Bok Cito Ohoyo
22. Morris, Katie - Bok Cito Ohoyo
23. Morris, Shanita - Tali Ohoyo
24. Nickey, Anastasia - Lady Beaver Dam
25. Nickey, Melaney - Tucker
26. Phillips, Trish - Officials
27. Reed, Mitzi - Bihhi Ayasha
28. Smith, Skye - Koni Hata Ohoyo
29. Smith, Tony - Koni Hata Ohoyo
30. Steve, Courtney - Lady Beaver Dam
31. Tangle, Heather - Oka Homma Ohoyo
32. Thomas, Jennifer - Bihhi Ayasha
33. Thomas, Tiffany - Oka Homma Ohoyo
34. Thomas, Willa - Koni Hata Ohoyo
35. Tubby, Darisa - Lady Warriors
36. Vaughn, Breanna - Bihhi Ayasha
37. Vaughn, Zesha - Natives
38. Waiter, Kayla - Koni Hata Ohoyo
39. Wallace, Ashland - Tucker
40. Wallace, Kiana - Tucker
41. Wesley, Renee - Lady Warriors
42. Willis, Casey - Koni Hata Ohoyo
43. Willis, Cecilia - Oka Homma Ohoyo
44. Willis, Kristen - Koni Hata Ohoyo
45. Willis, Kyana - Tiak Hikiya
46. Willis, Lila - Lady Beaver Dam
47. Willis, Sheila - Lady War Eagles
48. Wilson, Gabriella - Oka Homma Ohoyo