Natron Wood Products Coming to Louisville

Louisville, Miss.

Natron Wood Products will be coming to Louisville, bringing 200 jobs.

Local, state and company officials made the announcement Monday.

Officials say the operations will be located in a 265,000-square-foot existing facility, and represent a company investment of $10 million and will create more than 200 new jobs.

Natron will produce specialty plywood products, such as plywood overlay panels, which are used primarily in large vertical and horizontal concrete structures and other residential and commercial construction applications. The facility will also produce high-grade marine plywood and sanded plywood products.

“We are grateful to Natron Wood Products for recognizing Mississippi is a great place to do business and for revitalizing the former Georgia Pacific manufacturing facility,” said Mississippi Development Authority executive director Brent Christensen.

Natron operates as Jasper Wood Products in Jasper, Oregon, where the company has been in business for more than 20 years.