Navy Celebrates a Milestone

Established October 13, 1775, the United States Navy has fought in every conflict in our nation's history. Today, they pause to remember the sailors that came before them and to reflect on the important milestones in Navy history.

Captain Chris Moore, commanding officer of Naval Air Station Meridian, tells us, "Our younger sailors' remembrances of the United States Navy history varies, and we feature certain events every year. This year includes the War of 1812 and the significance that represents for the United States Navy, a turning point where we took professionalism much more seriously and became a much stronger force in the years going forward."

It is the young sailors during the ceremony that Captain Moore believes will continue to make the Navy the world's greatest maritime fighting force.

"All the victories and successes in the past, I see that potential rit large in our young sailor population," Captain Moore says. "A great group of young individuals that will do great things in the United States Navy."

Not only is the birthday celebration a great way to look back and reflect on everything the Navy has accomplished, it's also a way to remind the younger generation of the history and tradition, and what they have to look forward to.

Cadet Megan Gallagher, a junior from Northeast Lauderdale High School and member of the Navy JROTC, says, "To me, it means that coming out here is something very special. Not to just me, but to everyone. It represents what our nation is really all about, and they don't just stand here and do nothing. It's a big job."

Marines stationed also on-board Naval Air Station Meridian took part in the celebration. The birthday celebration will climax tomorrow, the Navy's actual birthday, with the Navy Ball held on the ship.