Navy Eliminating Vehicle Decals

Meridian Naval Air Station, Miss.
The U.S. Navy says it will stop issuing or using vehicle decals for access to NAS Meridian and all other Navy Installations Command bases beginning July 1.

Before Sept. 11, 2001, decals were sufficient for access to military bases. Since then the policy for entry has been a 100 percent I.D. card check.

Base commander, Capt. Charles Moore said vehicles will still be required to have current safety inspections, and motorcycle drivers will have to have proof of motorcycle safety training.

To ensure compliance, installations will rely on random command-authorized checks which are not new, but may be more frequent with the elimination of decals.

Visitors will continue to use the normal visitor procedures established by the commanding officer. Contractors will receive a temporary pass for a one trip visit or they will register with the Navy Commercial Access Control System that provides background checks and periodic reviews to allow them to be issued an annual valid credential for access to the installation for official business.

Once the change is implemented, the Navy recommends decals be removed from vehicles. Officials estimate that cutting decals will save $750,000 annually.

The Army and Air Force have already done away with decals, and the Marine Corps is developing its plan.