Navy League Endows ROTC Scholarship

The Mississippi Council of the Navy League Friday announced the establishment of a scholarship endowment at the University of Mississippi.

Incoming freshmen in the Naval ROTC program will benefit.

The USS Mississippi ROTC Scholarship was created from $40,000 left over after the commissioning of the vessel in 2012 in Pascagoula. The Navy League raised private money to pay for that ceremony.

"This gift is just monumental for the university," said Denson Hollis, representing the Ole Miss Foundation. "We're so grateful that the Navy League has decided that Ole Miss is the recipient of this. It's going to be great for the state of Mississippi, incoming students and also dependents of the USS Mississippi crew. We're just so thankful they chose Ole Miss and we're going to do our best to make sure we find the right students for this scholarship."

Arjen Lagendijk, president of the Mississippi Council of the Navy League, says the endowment should extend beyond the life of the USS Mississippi.

The Navy League plans to award the first scholarship in the fall of 2014.