Neighborhood Watch Witnesses Reckless Driver

The residents in this neighborhood of 36th Avenue could do little more than look on in horror as a driver plowed through their yards, taking out everything in his path.

The neighbors say a man who lived in the area came flying down the street. He drove through these signs and a cast-iron mailbox. But thankfully, the residents here have a strong neighborhood watch program. Al Willis, president of the 36th Avenue neighborhood watch, says the witnesses took the tag number down and followed the man to his home.

"All we have to do is work together as a neighborhood, and we can prevent a lot of crimes that we have," Willis says. I am amazed and I'm happy as to what our group did today. I hope and I know we will continue."

Willis says he does not ever recommend following someone to his or her home after an incident like this. But he is glad they were able to pass that information along to police.

Meridian police say an officer went to the man's home and got his information. He passed that along to the homeowners so they can pursue charges or money for the damage.