Neshoba Central Sees Repeated Break-Ins

Neshoba Central faculty and students are recovering from two campus break-ins over a four-day span. First Thursday night, then Monday night. The Neshoba County Sheriff's Department is working to determine whether the two break-ins are related... And find the culprit. Superintendent Tommy Dearing says some small items were stolen, but most of the expenses will come from a total of 23 broken windows.

"Not that much taken," Superintendent Dearing said. "Very minor items taken. Mostly just damage to windows and doors."

When faculty arrived Friday morning, they discovered 11 windows were broken across the elementary, middle and high schools on campus. The next apparent break-in occurred Monday night with 13 broken windows in the high school. And the damage hasn't gone unnoticed.

With this incident marking the second break-in in such a short period of time, Dearing says he has received some concerned phone calls from parents. But he doesn't believe that either of these crimes is reason to be concerned that student safety is in jeopardy.

"I think our students are perfectly safe. Of course, there's concern in the community any time anything of this nature occurs, but our Sheriff's Department is working it, and I think their investigation hopefully will turn up some individuals connected with it real soon," Dearing said.

The school does have security cameras in place, but officials have not said whether those will be helpful in solving this case.