Neshoba Central vs. Philadelphia Preview

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Neshoba County, Mississippi This town ain't big enough for the two of us may just be an old saying, but for Neshoba Central High School and Philadelphia High School the saying holds true. The two schools have been rivals now for over fifty years and this Friday both teams will face off once again for a year's worth of bragging rights. Former Neshoba Central player Pepper Posey remembers how intense the games were when he played in the eighties and that hasn't changed one bit.

"Just the rivalry itself puts chill bumps on your arms. The coaches can say it's just another game on the schedule, but when you walk in that stadium whether it's over here at Rocket Field or at Harpoole Stadium, the chill bumps will get up on your arms because its four thousand, five thousand strong standing room only," says Posey.

Former Philly player Jarvis Rush remembers it just the same.

"When I played at Philly that was in like I said 1986 through '88 we were always competitive with Neshoba Central. We never had the opportunity to beat Neshoba Central, but certainly we were striving that was kind of the roll at that point in time," says Rush.

However the tables have turned since then for Philadelphia as they have won the past couple years, but this year Neshoba has been off to a good start. Former PA announcer and local business owner Bob Breland has seen this rivalry in all it's glory.

"I hear it's going to be a good game. Neshoba Central's got a good defense this year. It could be real interesting. I hear it's going to be a close game," Breland said.

Former players, coaches, and fans will gather once again this Friday at historic Harpole Stadium and despite your loyalty either way, the rivalry brings the town together under the lights.

"Well Neshoba County signs my paycheck but I'm going to be sitting on the Philadelphia side watching how far my little girl can jump up in the air," Posey said.