Neshoba County Fair: Meridian Day

Perched on the porch of their cabin, the Yates family was able to enjoy the Meridian Day festivities, which they say just as the fair, have grown tremendously over the years.

'It's just really a big thing now, bigger than big," says Jean Yates, who has attended the fair for more than 20 years.

"We go for walks, and a lot of politicians come,"says longtime fair goer Laura Lamb. "A lot of it's the same in many ways, but it just keeps getting better," says Lamb who travels back to Neshoba County from Indonesia most years to attend the giant house party.

As part of the day, representatives from many sectors within Meridian were on hand to mark the occasion.

"The navy bean soup is REALLY good," said one fair goer.

As always that soup, which was prepared by personnel from Naval Air Station Meridian, was a highlight for the day.

Organizers for Meridian Day, and business leaders from Meridian say the festivities of the day help to promote economic development both inside and outside the city of Meridian.

"Anytime there's anything for Meridian it's always good for me," says Karen Rooney, who is the director for Meridian Main Street. "It's good for Main Street. It's good for downtown Meridian."

"I think It's important to note that we're celebrating Meridian, but we're really celebrating East Central Mississippi, which is comprised of nine counties in Mississippi," says East Mississippi Business Development Corporation President, Wade Jones. "As we see Highway 19 completed, it's going to support the economies of both Philadelphia and Meridian."