Netting to Aid in Fight Against Contraband

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Lauderdale County, Miss. Efforts are currently underway to further prevent contraband from entering a local prison.

30-foot netting will soon surround the East Mississippi Correctional facility in Lost Gap. Management and Training Corporation says it is just another step to ensure things like cigarettes, cell phones, and drugs don't make their way into the prison. MTC says it fully supports the Mississippi Department of Corrections in this effort and so does Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie.

"We certainly applaud their efforts," Sollie says. "This has been an ongoing issue out at the facility at Lost Gap where cell phones and other contraband are being thrown over the fence and are being picked up by those who have access to that area between the fence and the buildings."

MTC tells Newscenter 11 the netting was delivered this week and should be installed within the next two weeks. The netting will be installed around the entire prison, making it even harder to throw contraband into the prison area. But in the past, sheriff's deputies have also dealt with cases where prison employees actually snuck contraband into prisoners.

"You know, any time you have individuals who their whole life have conned or conceived ideas to manipulate society," Sollie explains. "When you put those together with the correctional staff who quite often are under paid. It's often very easy to be lured into doing the wrong thing."

Of course, the sheriff says any time you place 1,500 prisoners together, there will be issues with contraband. Sollie says deputies are tasked with investigating those cases and that often makes it harder to work on other pressing matters.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what MDOC is doing," Sollie adds.

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