New Alabama Concealed Carry Law Takes Effect

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Sumter County, Ala. It's a new day for gun owners in the state of Alabama.

Those with firearms are already able to carry them openly, according to Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark. But now, he says drivers who choose to transport a concealed weapon in their vehicle to and from work can no longer face opposition from their employer.

"The way it used to be, guns were prohibited from the workplace from some entities and agencies," Sheriff Clark explains. "But the law states now that an employee of an agency has the right to bring their firearm to work."

Sheriff Clark says if you own a gun and work in the state of Alabama, it's important to know that you should keep that gun stored in your car safely while you're at work.

"The ammunition and the firearm have to be separated in different compartments," he points out. "From the passenger and the driver."

Hunters will be able to keep their rifles and shotguns locked in their vehicles during hunting season. Sheriff Clark says he doesn't for see any problems with this new law, saying it is designed for responsible gun owners. As long as everyone abides by the law, things will run smoothly.

"But you know, we've had in the past, random shootings where disgruntled employees come back to the work place," Clark recalls. "You know, that's where you have your violence. But we hope this doesn't create or open up a can of worms that we won't be able to put a lid on."

However, permits are required in order to have a concealed firearm in a vehicle.

Clarke tells Newscenter 11 that if a law enforcement officer happens to pull you over, alert that officer immediately that you have a gun in the vehicle.

If you have any questions concerning the new concealed carry law in Alabama, you may contact Sheriff Clark at 205-652-7984.