New Baseball Field House

Meridian Community College unveiled its new Smith-Williams Baseball Field House at a ceremony Friday morning. The field house holds offices for the coaching staff as well as a state-of-the-art locker room for players. The names on the field house left their mark on MCC prior to the building that now bears their name.

Dr. Scott Elliott, president of Meridian Community College, describes the men the building is named after. "These are gentlemen that have just meant so much to MCC and its history. They've devoted over half a century of their lives in aggregate to this institution, and they are people that our young men that play on this team would do very well to emulate in terms of their integrity."

Billy Harold Smith is still the longest tenured coach in MCC history with 10 seasons at the helm, and this honor is something he never thought possible.

"It's something that I never dreamed would happen. I'm so excited, and like I said, I didn't sleep much last night thinking about it, mulling it over, so I'm just very appreciative of them considering me for this," Smith tells us.

Terry Williams was a player and coach in the 70s and has watched the college grow as the physical plant director.

"I've been at this school as a student or an employee/coach for over 40 years, and just to watch this facility grow and the program grow and me be a part of it is just a great, great thing for me and for Meridian Community College," says Williams.

MCC began its baseball program in the Spring of 1970, and enters this season with 26 consecutive winning seasons.