New Downtown Plans Discussed

Meridian, Miss. Meridian Main Street Director Karen Rooney says that she's extremely proud of the turnout for the Mardi Gras festivities that took place in downtown over the weekend.

"You couldn't move," says Rooney. "It was amazing, and everybody just looked like they were having such a great, great time!"

Touted as the largest Mardi Gras event in Meridian to date, Rooney sat down to talk with Newscenter 11 about other projected downtown developments for the future.

"There are quite a few people that are buying buildings, and trying to get together tenants so that they can restore the buildings," says Rooney.

In coming months she says plans are expected to be announced about exactly what will be done with the old Hulett Furniture Building on Front Street. She says talks are also currently underway about a small grocery store possibly opening in downtown. However, Rooney stresses that talks about that store are still in the very early stage.

"As for the Hulett Building, it's under contract. We've been working with those potential owners trying to help them get a tenant for the building which makes their loan go through and makes that whole thing work."

With negotiations still underway, Rooney says at this time she cannot go into details about specifics concerning plans for the Hulett Building.

However, she did say that Meridian Main Street has worked with some prospective developers for plans concerning the city's tallest building. After working with them, Rooney is expressing optimism about their intentions for the Threefoot Building.

"They are serious, very serious and I'm so excited about it," says Rooney. "Also, the building that is directly across from the Threefoot Building where the old Davis Grill use to be, there is a restaurant that is in negotiations there as well."

Meanwhile, the deadline for developers to present their proposal for the Threefoot Building to city officials is this Friday.