New Jimmie Rodgers CD Released

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The CD, recorded inside the museum on Jimmie's own furniture allows lovers of his music to hear a recreated version of his music that still sounds authentic. Jimmie Rodgers Foundation President Betty Lou Jones, says that this CD is a celebration of the Father of Country Music.

"We wanted to showcase what we have here in Meridian. We wanted to talk about the artifacts that we have in the museum, and more than that, we wanted to talk about that in Meridian and Jimmie Rodgers, it's all about the music. Our culture here is a musical culture."

Musician Britt Gully, who has performed Jimmie Rodgers' songs for years, believes that this album is the perfect way to honor the man and the area that gave country music its start.

"Mississippi is the birthplace of America's music. It all came from right here and Jimmie Rodgers is the man that started it all."

Perhaps one of the most special parts of the album, is that Britt Gully used Jimmie's famed "000-45 Martin" guitar, permanently on display at the museum, and regarded as one of the most important instruments in music history.

"It's a wonderful old instrument. It needs to get out. They say where country music came from is right here, so I'm just honored to be part of it and get to play the guitar that Jimmie played and sing Jimmie's songs."

The CD goes on sale Thursday evening in Dumont Plaza for $15 with portions of the proceeds going to the Jimmie Rodgers Museum and Music Cares.