New Members Join Junior Honor Society at Kinterbish Junior High

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Cuba, Ala. Nine new members joined the Junior Honor Society at Kinterbish Junior High School Thursday morning. It is a great honor to become a member as it holds a high standard for students to achieve. Guest speaker and Sumter County native Tamara Revis made sure the kids knew that this was just a first step for them in achieving their goals as she urged all the kids, not just the honor students, to dream big.

Revis says, "They are becoming a part of the national honor society so I just wanted to give them a little inspiration. To know that dreams aren't something that can be taught, it's something that is within. They already exemplify leadership and that's something I want them to take with them and really turn it in to something they want to be or achieve or, you know, do whatever it is they want to do in life."

Revis started out in Sumter County before moving to Atlanta. Now she is the CEO of Icon Event Group, where she publishes a curriculum on how to achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams. She wanted the kids to know that their future success begins now.

Revis says, "I’m excited to be here; I’m excited to share the message and I hope that is received by the world because we need a little more positivity and that push for people to really go after what it is they dream to be in life. That is pretty much what I wanted to convey to the audience and the students is go for it. Just go for it. You only get one shot; do not miss your chance."