New Meridian Police Chief Appointed

Meridian's mayor has appointed James Reed, a 35-year law enforcement veteran, to be the city's new police chief.

Mayor Cheri Barry made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. She said many people may remember James Reed as a hometown hero who played football at Meridian High School and Ole Miss.

Reed earned a degree in Public Administration and Law Enforcement in 1976 from the University of Mississippi.

Reed has worked in law enforcement since that time.

Reed's resume appears below:

Career Summary
Career law enforcement official with 35 years of experience in supervision,
investigations, counter terrorism, theft and loss prevention, and protective services
The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi
Bachelors of Science Degree in Public Administration and Law Enforcement
Graduation Date, December 1976
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Work Experience
Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Jacksonville, NC and Overseas
Supervisory Special Agent, 8/05 - 8/11
-Supervised and dictated duties to a team of30 special agents
-Helped agents in conducting various criminal investigations
-Served as a mentor to agents testifying at, civil, criminal, federal, and local hearings
-Provided positive feedback to agents about their completed assignments
-Helped agents to successfully conduct various temporary duty force protection
- Supervised agents and military personnel assigned to the Naval Criminal Investigative
Service Resident Agency Iraq from 7/06 - 12/06, and the Criminal Investigative Task
Force, FT. Belvoir, VA, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Detachment in support of Operation
Enduring Freedom and the Global War on Terror
- Conducted prescreen inquiries, and background investigations of individuals seeking
employment as NCIS Special Agents, and as NCIS Interns
NCIS Head Quarters, Washington, D.C.
Counter Terrorism Division Desk Officer, 6/03 - 8/05
-Reviewed counter terrorism and counter intelligence investigations and operations
-Provided guidance and oversight to these investigations and operations.
-Gave presentations based on investigations and operations to NCIS Seniors, and
representatives of other federal agencies
NCIS Head Quarters, Washington D.C.
Investigator for the Protective Operations Dept., 7/02 - 7/03
-Worked with the NCIS Protective Ops team, the Department of Defense and foreign
Protective Ops teams to ensure the safety and integrity of local and foreign dignitaries
NCIS Field Offices, Multiple States in the U.S.A., and Overseas
Criminal Investigator, 9/85 - 7/02
-Was assigned to multiple NCIS field offices as a criminal investigator
-Worked with various local, state and federal law enforcement officers, and prosecutors
to conduct many criminal investigations
- Analyzed crime scenes, and collected evidence
-Testified at administrative, civil, criminal, federal, and local hearings
-Conducted various temporary duty force protection assignments to include various
protection service details of foreign dignitaries on official visits
- Conducted prescreen inquiries and background investigations of individuals seeking
employment as Special Agents and Administrators with NCIS; and DoD civilian and
military personnel seeking to have their background security clearances adjudicated.
- Traveled to multiple OCONUS locations to conduct criminal and counter terrorism
operations and investigations is support of the Global War on Terror.
State of Mississippi, Meridian Mississippi
Probation and Parole Officer, 3/79 - 9/85
-Routinely supervised 80 to 110 individuals yearly
-Conducted pre-sentence, post-sentence, work released and supervised earned release
investigations and interstate compact investigations
-Prepared concise reports for the courts to document probation and parole violation
- Collected court imposed fees, fines and court costs; and coordinated urinalysis
specimen as mandated by the courts.
Mississippi Department of Justice, Meridian, Mississippi
Analyst and Investigator, 8/76 - 3/79
-Conducted criminal and consumer affairs related investigations
-Collated and disseminated information on criminals traveling throughout the U.S.A.
-Provided information to law enforcement on various criminals, their activities and
Professional Organizations
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, North Carolina Law
Enforcement Criminal Information Exchange
Professional Training
North Carolina Criminal Information Exchange Training Conference
NCIS High Risk Operator Training Course
NCIS Law Enforcement Supervisors Leadership Training Program
Joint Counterintelligence Training
Law Enforcement Spanish Training Program
DOD Computer Investigations Training
NCIS Crime Scene Processing Course
Multi-Jurisdictional Counterintelligence Drug Task Force Training
Professional Awards, Honors and Accomplishments
1/10 - Joint Detention Group, Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Operation
Enduring Freedom Certificate and Coin
1/10 - Department of the Army Commander's Award for Public Service
8/09 - Operational Excellence Award
7/08 - United States of America NCIS Expeditionary Award
12/06 - NClSRA Iraq Special Award of Honor in Support of the Global War on Terror
6/09 - Secretary of Defense Medal Global War on Terrorism Certificate and Pin
9/10 - Twenty-Five Years of Government Service Pin and Certificate
9/05 - Twenty Years of Government Service Pin and Certificate
9/95 - Ten Years of Government Service Pin and Certificate
4/86 - DON NIS Certificate, Outstanding Physical Fitness Performance