New Thrift Store Aims to Help Homeless

meridian, Miss. From the parking lot, it looks like an empty store right now. But inside it's filled with knick-knacks, furniture, clothes and more. Aslane's is just a week away from opening to the public.

"What our goal is to be able to help our women and children more," Christie Rainer, director of Aslane's Missions, says. "We have to have a women and children's shelter."

Rainer wants to use the non-profit thrift store, which will simply be called "Aslane's," to build that shelter for homeless women and children in the area. The store is set to open Tuesday, Aug. 4. But with time ticking, volunteers are hard at work, making sure everything is picture perfect.

"So they're sorting out books, sorting out clothes," she says. "When you have the volume of clothes that we have, it's overwhelming at times."

Rainer says the shop will be run by volunteers. Many of them are homeless clients, who may be able to use the knowledge and experience gained to find work.

"It's going to be a learning process with us," Rainer explains. Helping them learn a trade, helping them learn retail, helping them learn how to handle money, things like that, process things."

If you'd like to volunteer your time, or donate any items, Rainer says they welcome the support. You can stop by anytime.

You can find Aslane's at 49-hundred Poplar Springs Drive. It's located in the Broadmoor Shopping Area near Burke's. For any questions, you can contact Rainer at 601-450-8524.