New Year's Firework Safety

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Fireworks displays have been shown across the globe today as many countries have already started 2013 off with a bang-literally. Fireworks are one of the most popular New Year's traditions, and if you're thinking about setting off your own instead of watching a professional show, there are some things you need to know. Greg Chatham of Greg's Fireworks and Sr. Firefighter Gerald Mabry with the Meridian Fire Department both say to follow the instructions on the package and to have safety equipment ready.

"Always have close adult supervision. Make sure that there's a parent out there watching them. Just be careful. Consumer fireworks can be a lot of fun and they can be really safe."

"You should always have a water hose handy, or some source of water in case brush catches on fire so you can put it out."

With the recent heavy rains, and showers in the forecast for tonight, Chatham says that sales have still been about average, but Mabry hopes that the wet weather will make it a slow night for the fire department.

"In the firework business you do 80% of your business on New Year's Eve, so as long as the rain will hold off until midnight, right now I think they're giving it a 30% chance, we're hoping for the 70% chance that it doesn't rain until after midnight."

Setting off fireworks inside the city limits of Meridian is not allowed under city ordinance, but if you are in an area that allows fireworks and you start a fire or are injured, first responders don't want you to hesitate to call 911.