Newton County Braced for Storm

Hurricane Isaac is expected to bring heavy winds, large amounts of rain, and potential tornadoes to non-coastal areas of Mississippi.

Many people still remember Hurricane Katrina that struck seven years ago Wednesday.

Officials in Newton County are adding more staff to local police, fire, and sheriff's department shifts to sure communities have the response necessary.

Newton County Emergency Management Agency director Gary Galloway says it's working diligently with the National Weather Service to stay updated on the path of the storm.

"There is a potential for some short track tornadoes that will just spin up and leave with a hurricane," said Galloway. "And were just going to have to be vigilante and watch the radar, and we will have to respond from there."

Winds and tornadoes may bring down power lines and cause outages. When Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi seven years ago, power outages lasted as long as a week for some Meridian residents. In more rural areas, outages lasted for multiple weeks.

Flooding is also a concern due to up to 12 inches of rain potentially falling in parts of the WTOK viewing area.