Newton Elementary Celebrates Success

Newton Elementary School in Newton celebrated its
High Performing ranking from the Mississippi Department of Education, based on student test scores last year.

Students' families were invited to have lunch with the children Thursday as a way of saying thanks for their role in student performance.

Newton Elementary reached out to parents to get them involved in their children's school work. It also organized a "boot camp" to help students acquire skills in areas where they were struggling.

"And the students were very engaged and they liked sitting in different areas. They liked being able to change classes and to meet with a different teacher," said 4th grade teacher, Nickie Sheppard. "And they really enjoyed it. And they worked so hard."

"As I look at the future, the workforce that our community is going to be drawing from, I feel like these boys and girls will be competitive in almost every area," said 4th grade teacher, Georgia Russell.

School officials say in addition to getting great support from parents and family members, they also have the full backing of the central office.