Next Step for Civil Service Commission Hearing

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Meridian, Miss. The city of Meridian will move ahead as quickly as practical to assemble a hearing for four members of the Civil Service Commission that Mayor Percy Bland sought to remove.

The city received an attorney general's opinion late Friday saying that the commissioners must have a hearing first and both the mayor and a majority of the city council must agree before the commissioners could be removed.

Now city officials are trying to figure out the process for that hearing.

City council president, Dr. George Thomas, talked about the attorney general's opinion at the monthly Council of Governments meeting Monday. Thomas said he hopes the matter will be settled soon.

"It confirmed what I thought all the time, is that the council has a say-so in the removal or confirmation of people appointed to the Civil Service Commission," said Thomas. "As soon as we can make sure the details are set, of the selection of a hearing officer, and get this thing settled, one way or the other. "

Thomas says the mayor will recommend whether each commissioner will be removed or retained, and it will take three votes from the council to confirm the mayor's decision either way.

City Attorney Michael Goggans says he will propose the selection of a hearing officer at the next city council meeting, Mar. 18.

Click the link to read the A.G.'s opinion.