Ninth Graders Explore Health Careers

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Meridian, Miss. Impactful, guiding, and important; these are the words used to describe Meridian High School's experience with the O.N.E. (Occupations Not Usually Explored by Men) Camp, where a group of male 9th graders are given the opportunity to explore careers that aren't normally occupied by men in the health care fields. The primary reason why it's for ninth graders is simple, to give them a guiding light through their high school career.

Nicole Worthy, the Meridian High School counselor says, "Ninth graders are at the start of their high school careers. And this opportunity to see this will lead them and guide them, that they will able to take the courses that will lead them in the health occupation field whatever they decide to take and it gives them direction from the start."

This year is the fifth year MCC has held this camp. Worthy says that some of the students from that first class have gone into medical fields and credits the O.N.E. Camp for reaching that decision.

Worthy says, "Our students absolutely love this. I've had students that have come that are now seniors still remembering the experience and are still interested in those health care careers."

After a visit to MCC to learn about career choices, the students then visited Rush Hospital and Anderson Hospital where they were able to see first-hand what it is that they will get to do by choosing a medical field. From radiology to hematology, the students were attentive and interested.