North Lauderdale Water Association Receives Outside Help

"The North Lauderdale Water Association has struggled for some time to consistently deliver quality water to its members," NLWA board member Ike Kiefer announced.

In a meeting this week, the North Lauderdale Water Association acknowledged to its customers that supplying them with good water has been an ongoing problem. Over 40 people filled the room - both board members and customers - to discuss their concerns.

"They have a little more time to solve these problems. And we know it's not an overnight fix, but our fingers are on the dial to contact whoever's necessary to make this happen," customer Gary Hines says.

The board president and general manager also officially resigned Thursday in an attempt to help the association get a fresh start.

"It was actually an honorable thing for them to do. Almost being a sacrifice, if you will, for the rest of the group," Kiefer says. "And it's left our hands much more free to bring in outside help."

The NLWA is telling customers once again that they're working to fix the problems with their water.

What makes this time different is that the North Lauderdale Water Association has a plan, and they're reaching out to others all across our area for help."

Kiefer says they've been accepting help from neighboring water associations, the city of Meridian and Mississippi Rural Water. And now the city of Meridian is stepping forward lend a helping hand.

"We want to schedule a meeting with the North Lauderdale Water Association of maybe being able to assist them in the water issues they're having," Public Works Director Hugh Smith says.

Smith told the City Council in an executive work session Friday that they're considering the possibility of selling water to the NLWA.

"We know this is not going to be fixed overnight. We've had this problem for 20 years. We're going to be patient," customer LoAnn Moore says.