Numerous Investors Interested in Threefoot Building

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Meridian, Miss. The Threefoot building grabs the eye of everyone passing through the downtown Meridian area.

For years, city leaders and members of the community have been working to generate interest in the building. During the last city council work session, Mayor Percy Bland and John McClure, Community Development Director, announced that the city has a few interested prospects. In fact, some who have made serious inquiries about the Threefoot building.

"We have about 4 or 5 very interested investors and we feel very comfortable that all of them can do what they say they can do," Mayor Bland says. "We look forward to some very good feedback and hopefully some movement on the Threefoot. I know a lot of people want that and we want that."

The city of Meridian says it has sent these prospects a 'Request for Proposal' in an effort to find out what each one is interested in doing with the Threefoot building and to see if it fits with the city's plan for downtown Meridian.

"We hope to in the very near future get response from these people and evaluate the response and see if we can find someone who's going to take this and run with it," McClure says.

City leaders hope to hear back from the prospects by February. Community development hasn't been the only one trying to get the Threefoot up and running, the Threefoot Preservation Society has been hosting monthly clean ups on the first floor of the building since October in an effort to get investors interested in the landmark.