Officer's Attorney Presents New Civil Service Evidence

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Meridian, Miss. The attorney for a fired Meridian police officer has filed a motion to submit new evidence to the Civil Service Commission.

The motion is centered around testimony from the police department's internal affairs investigator. This comes one week after a hearing for officer Adam Meaders.

Meaders is the Meridian police officer who was fired last fall after posting a picture on his personal Facebook page that some view as racist. Attorney David Linder is representing Meaders and says recent testimony by an internal affairs investigator was false. The testimony stated that the racist picture in question was posted on the community watch Facebook page. The administrator of the Facebook page says in an affidavit that the picture was not posted on community watch.

"And nobody had seen it on there," Linder says. "And of course, that's something that community watch is not a very old page at all. I mean, had it been on there, then someone would have seen it and of course, it would be in the archives. It would be within the deleted messages. It's not there."

City attorney Michael Goggans tells Newscenter 11 the motion is factually inaccurate and it's highly unusual for additional evidence to be submitted after both sides have rested. It's unclear at this time if the commission will call another hearing or just issue a decision in writing.

"Well, that's not my decision whether it will be opened up or not, it's the commissioners," according to attorney Henry Palmer, who represents the commissioners. "And the way they will decide whether to open it up or not will be if a motion is made, a second, and a vote of at least three of them to open it up. If that happens, it will be opened back up."

Goggans says Meaders violated the city's social media policy by simply posting the image on his personal Facebook page.

Palmer says the commissioners have up to 15 days from last Wednesday's hearing to make a decision.