Officers Complete Unusual Course

Local police are gearing up for a new way to fight crime.

Officers from Meridian police and Meridian Community College just completed a one-week course in mountain bike training held by the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

This training teaches officers how to handle themselves on a bicycle in various situations. The trainees began by learning bike basics, and finished knowing how to handle any terrain.

Chief of MCC's campus police, Shane Williams, says this training could make a huge impact in the work the officers do.

"They're not in a car with the windows rolled up, the radio going," said Williams. "They can actually see what's going on, hear what's going on, smell what's going on, and it puts them out there with the people. "

MCC has already implemented more bicycles for patrols, and the Meridian Police Department is also starting to utilize this method of transport.