Officials Need Help to ID Victim

Meridian, Miss. It has been almost a week since police found a body in a mobile home in Meridian, but they're not any closer to knowing who he is. Officials have been working for days to find anything that could lead to his identity.

"It's like finding a puzzle piece on the floor, and there's no puzzle around. So now you've got to find the puzzle, Coroner Clayton Cobler says. "That's all you have is that one piece."

Meridian police say they're treating the case as a homicide until they find out more information, which is tough without a name. It's a dilemma that started from the moment the male body was first discovered.

"There was no jewelry; his pockets were turned inside out, no identification, no wallet, no nothing," Cobler says.

The state crime lab in Jackson performed an autopsy and checked his prints in the international fingerprint system, but those results came up empty. His prints are not in the system, a huge setback.

"We don't know. We don't have any dental records to compare to. We don't have any DNA to compare to. So even if we obtain that from the body, we don't have anything to compare it to to see if it's actually him or not," Cobler says.

An exact cause of death has not yet been released. Cobler says it appears that the body had been in the trailer between 24 and 36 hours. when it was found. But it's not certain whether he actually died inside the trailer.

But now is the time for your help. The coroner is asking anyone with any information who might be able to identify this man to share that information with him.

"We have a head shot of the gentleman. We don't want to release it to the public," Cobler said. "But if someone thinks that they might know who it is, it'd be a good idea if they could contact me, so I could let them see the picture."

Cobler describes the man as a black male between 30 and 50 years old with a goatee, thin mustache and close-cut black hair.

The coroner's office is located in the Metro Ambulance building at 502 17th Avenue in Meridian, or you may call 601-934-7911.