Officials Prepare for Christmas Day Severe Weather

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With most of the Newscenter 11 viewing area under the bullseye for severe weather on Christmas, the National Weather Service Office in Jackson held a weather briefing with the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency on Christmas Eve Afternoon. With a significant severe outbreak expected, city and county officials want to assure everyone that they're ready to respond to whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry says that, "All of our first responders will be on call; our fire and our police and our public works; and whatever we need to do to protect this city and to have a massive cleanup as soon as we have any type of massive devastation, we will be ready to roll."

LEMA Director David Sharp says, "We'll just be prepared to put information out. We'll have spotters out in the field reporting information back to the EOC here, which will be passed along to the state EOC and the Weather Service in Jackson."

Even with tomorrow being Christmas, LEMA Officials will be at their building on 14th Street in Meridian watching the weather situation very closely and using their first responder vehicles and personnel if the need arises.

"Sometime around lunchtime or a little after, we'll open up the EOC. We'll have people here to monitor the radar, the chatroom with all the emergency managers, and the Weather Service."

The best ways to get weather information on Christmas are a NOAA Weather Radio, smartphone apps, and by staying up to date with Newscenter 11 on TV, Facebook, and Twitter.