Officials Report Low Voter Turnout

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When Newscenter 11 stopped by the MSU Meridian precinct Tuesday afternoon, the poll workers there were simply sitting around waiting for voters to show up. In November 2011, due to not enough voting machines being there, that precinct was backed up with people waiting to vote.

As of 3 p.m., officials reported only around 75 Republican voters and just 35 Democratic voters.

Election workers say they attribute that to a lack of interest by voters in this election. But one voter we talked to said she thinks every voter should be taking this election seriously.

"Because it is important," Evelyn White said. "This is the most important right now in my opinion. We need some changes."

"They just took toward the general election and they don't take it serious enough," poll worker Barbara Barnes. "But you know in November, they'll all be out."

Voting in Mississippi and Alabama Tuesday decides how delegates are apportioned in the Republican race for president. Other offices were also on the ballot.